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This is an exciting way to help our program. 

Volunteer work allows us to share and enjoy with our children and at the same time,  your  co-workers can join energies and work as a team in order to carry out a social action.

There is much to do and improve in our centers as well as in Mundo Vivo Training Center: fix the pool, paint walls and fences,  make and repair furniture,  maintaine green areas and many other activities, which will allow our children to  develop  in a safe and adequate environment.


Join us and enjoy an entertaining afternoon helping and sharing.


We are looking forward!


Since 2014, our Corporation has been working in partnership with Fundación Ilumina, developing the project "Naturalizar Educativamente Jardines Infantiles", which encourages children from vulnerable kindergartens to be in daily contact with nature, so that they live quality educational experiences, which they leave in them an indelible link with the environment.


Thanks to this joint work, we are transforming the outer space of the kindergartens into educational spaces where children can know and care for Nature and have rich learning experiences.


To date, 44 kindergartens have been "naturalized".



Throughout the year we carry out different types of Solidarity Campaigns that help us to collect missing or scarce implements in strong times such as Christmas, summer and winter, start of classes, etc.


That is why, the Campaigns that we carried out during the year are: School Supplies Campaign Collection of fundraising (Winter) Christmas campaign Food Campaign (Summer)

If as a company you want to help and join these solidarity crusades, contact us to provide more information.


Campaigns can also be adapted in time and duration according to the needs of each company.

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