The Manos y Naturaleza model is developed by a team of  Tutors, who accompany children and young people throughout their educational process, from 5 years old on.

Tutors work in a very personalized way with children and young people. They create an affection bond with the children and in this way, they become very close and significant to them.


Tutors achieve legitimacy before children and are recognized as guides in their development process within the Corporation. They transmit the Manos y Naturaleza Model to the groups of children in their charge and encourage them to acquire the habits and values which Manos y Naturaleza promotes.



In the workshops, groups of maximum 20 boys and girls learn and practice artistic, technical and intellectual activities, in order to discover  the interests and abilities of each particular child.


The youngest children participate in a wide range of workshops, while the oldest participate in fewer workshops, focusing on those skills and interests which will help them follow further studies in technical or general high schools.

Workshops goals are:

* Develop creativity and capacity for criticism and self-criticism

* Promote quality and good presentation of work

* Deliver problem solving tools

* Develop leadership skills, autonomy and self-confidence

* Promote teamwork

BASIC WORKSHOPS              

Expression and Theater, Drawing & Design,  Computer skills, Inner Light


Alternative workshops

Recycling,  Recycled Decoration Art, Culture, Cinema

Do it yourself, Crafts, Jewelry, Carpentry, Electricity, Weaving and Wool, Cooking, English,  Conversation

Music, Dancing, Yoga  


nature Workshops

Organic Vegetable Garden, Medicinal plants, Environment Awareness, Sports.



The learning process we develop requires a very close coordination between the three institutions that relate to children, since it is necessary to address the issues with a common language. That is why the model is presented in the form of a triangle, placing the boy or girl at the center of the model and at the vertices, his or her Family, his or her School and the Club (as children name the organization).


Our experience has shown us that it is essential to have parents and guardians as allies, since only if parents are committed and actively participate in Manos y Naturaleza, they can contribute to their children's learning process and achieve a positive change.

coordination Meetings

During each semester 3 - 4 meetings are held with the parents and guardians to inform and coordinate criteria. At the end of each semester, evaluations of the technical and behavioral performance of each child are given out.  At the end of each year, all the workshops' results are presented in an exhibition, to which all parents and families are invited to attend.

Not only children take part in workshops.  The children's parents also have weekly personal development workshops. Thanks to this activity we are able to bond closely to parents and we provide families with personal healing tools and contribute to their personal growth and self-knowledge, which positively affects the relationship with their children.

workshops for parents

Manos y Naturaleza non-profit Organization


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Address: Representative Laura Rodriguez 6429, Peñalolén. (Chile)

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