We believe that through the power of  company, guidance and education.  great changes can be achieved in society. 


We believe in the abilities of each person to manage  his or her  own future.

Following this conviction,  Manos y Naturaleza creates a family  environment,  with resources and  a team of  tutors  who believe in this Model and in the strength  which  each child has to move forward and to develop his or her own skills and abilities.

Each member of  the Manos y Naturaleza team has firm convictions about the importance of being human in all its meaning  and believes that we are have an active part in the change in other people's lives.

Manos y Naturaleza is a place  where  children  feel confident in themselves  and trust the people around them.   In this family environment and with the support of the tutors,  any child can grow, learn, develop skills and create his or her own future.


The Manos y Naturaleza project  began in Germany, as a result of Monica Koppmann's experience with the education of German children, while she was studying in that country. After writing out the project, she presented it to a group of friends, who shared her same vision about the scarcity of educational opportunities for children at social risk in Chile. This group would later create the Mis Manos Kinderhilfe association in Germany. They committed spiritually and financially  to the project and continue to support it to this day.

At the end of 1984, Monica returned to Chile to put the project in practice.




Contribute to the development of children with limited opportunities, accompanying their educational process and generating spaces to stimulate the discovery and development of their skills and interests..


To break the circle of poverty, allowing the development of people who own their future,  who have their own and firm values and principles.


The values promoted by Manos y Naturaleza are joy, solidarity, generosity, respect, work, perseverance, strength, commitment, self-confidence.


Manos y Naturaleza has developed since 1985 an educational model in Peñalolén, Santiago de Chile. It works as a "second house", cozy and entertaining, for children with limited opportunities, who participate in it in their free time after school. This model promotes personal, family, social and academic development and accompanies them throughout their development process.

It has been called "Formative Model" because children are expected to acquire a set of habits and feel identified with the values that Hands and Nature promotes, such as: joy, solidarity, generosity, respect, work, perseverance , strength, commitment, self-confidence.



Manos y Naturaleza non-profit Organization



Phone: 986341508 (Chile)

Address: Representative Laura Rodriguez 6429, Peñalolén. (Chile)

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