condolence cards

Condolence cards are a fine way to show our affection and support to

people who have recently lost a beloved one.

We wish to give something special, a memory which will remain forever with friends and family members.

By giving a condolence card of Manos y Naturaleza you will leave a trace in this world, as we will plant a native tree in memory of the deceased person.

The condolence card is presented in a sturdy fabric envelope, decorated with a tiny bunch of natural flowers.


gift carDS

We have an alliance with company Prosueños.  This way,  if you buy their giftcards through us, a percentage of the sales value will go directly to our organization.  

Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any question or doubt.


christmas cards

In Christmas time we have interesting Christmas Card designs. 

We make new models each year,  but you are welcome to present your own ideas.  Contact us and we will try to make your ideas come true. 

Through  our alliance with company Prosueños, if you buy their giftcards through us,  a percentage of the sales will go directly to our organization.  Please contact us if you have any questions or doubts.

Manos y Naturaleza non-profit Organization


Phone: 986341508 (Chile)

Address: Representative Laura Rodriguez 6429, Peñalolén. (Chile)

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